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Exclusive Services

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Wine making

From concept to completion, Genesis Wine Group helps you to build custom wine in the Niagara region to reflect your lifestyle.

Combining your vision with our refined knowledge and expertise to create a unique wine that reflects your unique personality. With over 20 years of wine-making experience, we have developed a passion for creating beautiful and custom wine.


Vineyard management

The highest quality wines can only come from healthy, balanced and well-maintained vineyards. Genesis Wine Group can help you manage vineyard irrigation and nutrition management, development and management, and vineyard monitoring technology.

Ultimately, the scope of our services depends on the needs of our clients. If you are looking for comprehensive vineyard consulting or want our team to take full control of your vineyard, learn more about how Genesis Wine Group can work for you.


Business operation

With over 20 years of experience in the wine industry, Genesis Wine Group has the knowledge and expertise to help our clients create and grow successful businesses, including pricing, business systems, business plan outlines and financials. We have a full-service team of viticulturists, winemakers, brand builders, finance experts and distribution experts.


Import / Export

Based on many years of overseas import and export experience, we will help you export your wine overseas. Through partnerships with international logistics experts, we can help you successfully export your wines by processing government-related documents required for export, preparing documents required for customs clearance, and analyzing wine-related regulations in the exporting country. In addition, you can minimize logistics costs by sharing them with other customers.


International Procurement

You can reduce the unit cost of production by jointly purchasing products related to the wine business, such as labels, corks, wine barrels, and posters.

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