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Process & Requriment
for canning

Wine contents guideline

Wine Composition Guide

  • Alcohol content<16% ABV

  • PH>3.0

  • Free SO2 < 35 PPM

  • Total SO2 < 80 PPM

  • Copper < 0.3 PPM

  • Chlorides < 300 PPM

  • TPO < 2.0 PPM

Pre-treatment Guide

  • Filtering: 0.45-micron filter

  • Sorbic Acid: 0.2~0.25g/L Potassium Sorbate addition recommended

  • Wine shall be cold and protein stable

Preparing for wine shipping


  • 40x48 solid pallet is required for safety. (LCBO compatible Blue or Orange pallet prepared)

  • 4 pallets  are required for every 3,000L (3 pallets for 2,000L)


  • Please send printed shipping labels (SCC) in you want to apply them on shipping container

  • if you want to use our printing service

    • An extra $0.10 per shipping label cost will be charged 

    • Please send the information below for generating labels

      • Winery Name:​  ex) Between the Lines Winery

      • Wine Name: ex) 2022 Barn Red

      • Winery License Number: 54-WL-XXXX

      • If it is VQA wine: Yes or No

      • SCC (Shipping Container Code): EAN-128 (GS1-128) format

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